Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rubber stamp 喜喜

"喜喜" Double Happiness: Each half of the symbol is the standard character for happiness, also means delightfulness and fortune in Chinese. It is used for marital happiness.

To send my invite with double happiness.


When it comes to making use of office's printer. I'm kinda good at it. :P
Down the aisle with us!

Brooch Brooch Brooch!

My wedding card! Alvan drew it and we finally match the colors with pink and green! hee...
Yeah, another DIY Specially made for my bridesmaids's brooch! Left or Right? Right.
Maitri earns alittle credit for helping me! :)

Working in progress

PomPom, i love it! So i'm gonna make more for my special big day!